The Ties That Bind

Zhony - Companions

A monk needs friends right? A monk needs to eat right? I’m pretty sure about both of these questions. On my journey to LightFall, I was approached by a mysterious but friendly elf named Fenry. Fenry promised plenty food and company with other adventurers that he suggested would be worth my while to meet. The food sounded good and I would like some company. It has been a very long time since I have had conversation with others. It is time to kindle new friendships. My quest was never determined to be a solo affair. So on the plus side I “might” make some companions and on the down side my trip to Lightfall looks to be a circuitous route.

First off, the food is amazing. I have never eaten this well in my life. More food than I have ever seen in one place has been put before us. Even more surprising than the food is that I have also never seen anyone eat so fast or much as this fella named Qarle or anyone that has consumed so much drink in one setting as the sorceror that goes by the name Edge Stormblessed. The dinner was good and un-eventful but the after-dinner party around the fire turned out to be very eventful indeed.

The dwarf cleric that goes by the name Gerrak Firebeard started off with introductions. His demeanor is very gruff and straightfoward and eyes me strangely. He is on a quest concerning a family weapon. Next came Kaladious the tiefling Paladin. I like this guy. We have already become acquaintances on the road and I look forward to working with him. I see great synergy in our fighting styles. I also introduce myself but struggle with conversation. The lack of people to communicate with the last 5 years has left me lacking in people skills. Next is Quarle. This is where things get interesting. Quarle goes on to explain some of his background. It is during this explanation that Kaladious says the wrong thing and causes the Dragonborn to fly into a brief but wild rage. He punches Kaladious right in the face. I quickly react to this violence and break out in one of my dances learned in my years of entertaining peasants. This quickly distracts and calms the dragonborn. We continue to get to know each other when we overhear the other party of guards discussing something among themselves.

The party determining that we should investigate decide upon the route of sharing our drink. Unfortunately we task the drunk sorceror with bringing the booze over and he nearly kills the halfling by launching a keg straight to his dome. After this, they aren’t interested in anything to do with us and we retire back to our campfire.

Little beknowest to us we would never see that halfling alive again. There we screams and shouts and after investigating the other group of guards have been slain. When I say slain they were killed without a fight. There were tracks leading off to the North but we decided we were tasked with a job to protect Fenry’s wagons. We circled the wagons and waited and nothing happened until something happened. That something we are still not quite sure of. We all experienced a burning sensation and woke up branded in ink with the symbol of a god upon the inside of our forearm. Before we can even really discuss what happened the dragonborn aka “Crazy Quarle” whipped out a knife and cut the mark off and deftly tucked it in his pocket.

After searching the dead bodies of the guards and finding only a piece of something from a temple in Lightfall we head to the nearest town to gather our wits and prepare for what awaits.

It is in this small town we discover a decrepit temple dedicated to the same gods as the brands on our arm. Upon entering the temple we encounter a strange priest with his mouth stitched. Perhaps he the answers we seek.

- Zhony Thi’lnd



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