The Ties That Bind

The job

strange companions and a stranger mystery

It all started simply enough. I took a job as a guard to help get a caravan from point A to point B. Simple enough. The pay was decedent, and the food was great. I was placed in a group with Qarle an odd Dragonborn fighter whose bullheaded and blunt attitude is likely going to get me killed. Still, I have a strange affinity for him and seem able to be able to converse with him in his native tongue? I need to explore this further as I’m sure I’ve never been to his homeland and can’t quite fathom how I can understand his native speech when the others cannot. I can only assume it is related to the strange manifestation of my powers.

Then there is Gerrak Firebeard, your typical surly dwarf with apparent beef over a missing family heirloom, Kaladious, a Tiefling Paladan who I was hoping would be more fun based on the horns, but seems to have the typical sword of great justice stuck somewhere up his asshole. Then there’s Zhony an odd wood gnome with the pension for dancing. I’m not sure about that one and have taken a note to shield my bung hole.

We started off on maybe the wrong foot and it got worse from there. We don’t seem to be getting along the best. There was almost a fight among us first thing which was luckily distracted by the gnome’s dancing and and a donation of brew on my part. I thought I could make friends with the rest of the guards given the beer I have unhand, but in a friendly attempt at sharing a keg I tripped over a root, flung the keg a good 10 yards and knocked out one of the other guards.

I thought that would be the worst of this journey. We later discovered a group of unknown travelers dead next to the camp. When we went to report our findings we noticed a strange figure in the distance, blacked out, and awoke with strange marks in our arms. All of ours are different, mine is a a clockwork gear. Qarle immediately cut his off, I was afraid the idiot would bleed to death right there. The rest of the guards were dead in the camp deserted. We quickly tried to asses the situation by taking stock of our cargo which is empty! None of this makes any sense. According to our Paladin these marks are supposedly related to a pantheon of Gods in his home city. We also discovered a bag of holding and a strange piece of material supposedly from a shrine to these gods located in his home city. These items were on the bodies of those killed who appeared to have been shadowing us.

For now we’ve decided to continue our journey to the nearest city where we’ll sell our wagons and then figure out how best to proceed.



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