The Ties That Bind

Kiladius' Journal

Entry 1

A man named Fenri hired us to guard 4 caravans from Lightfall to Summerspell (A 6 day trip). Among the other guards there were some shifters and a Halfling. While in our group, I overheard them say “The borders are gone, but we still remain.” We were curious and went tp ask them what they were talking about. Edge was bringing over a keg as a peace offering when he accidentally dropped on the Halfling’s head, knocking him out cold. When he comes to, he is understandably upset but we offer to try again later that evening with another keg. As we about to head over, we see some shadowy figures come from the north and approach the other group. We head over to see who they are. When we arrive the guards are all killed and the mysterious figures had vanished. Nothing appeared to have been tampered with in the caravans but the crates are all empty. Fenri is nowhere to be found. We all agree to finish our journey to Summerspell in the morning. We select our night watchmen, of which I am one. During my shift I see a shadowy figure coming at me from a distance in the dark. I can’t make out who it is but they look ready to attack. I am able to knock them out. I went to check on my fellow guards only to find them bleeding out. I then go to check on Edge in the caravan. As I look inside I feel a burning sharp pain in my back, drift through darkness, and then see a bright light. When I wake, it is midday and I find my fellow guards also waking up. We are all fine, except we each now have a religious symbol tattooed on our right wrist. We each have a different religion, mine being the symbol of Pelor. Quarle then cut his off his wrist and carried it with him. While looking around we find a shard made of a material I am familiar with, as I had seen it on a statue in my hometown in the Church of the Unified Gods. This was in one of the dead guards pack. We decide to carry on to Summerspell, sell the caravans and keep the horses. We got to town and sold the caravans for 40 gold (Zhony declined his share). We then went to the Black Egg tavern for something to eat and drink. Edge gambles and loses some gold. As we figure out what we’re going to d, I try to unify our team on a direction. We decide we will try to figure what happened to us and what is going on. We also agree to assist one another on our own personal quests. We then decide to go to the local Church of the Unified Gods to see if we can get any info on the shard and our religious tattoos. We find a small rundown church with a priest with his lips sewn shut. We find it difficult to communicate, so Edge casts Friends on him to ask a question. Gerrak and I feel this is not a great idea and go outside the church. The spell was cast, the question asked and the priest ripped open his lips with a loud scream.



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